Yoga Asanas To Burn Fats and Energy | 5 Fats Burning Yoga Exercis…

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Introduced by : Dr.Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani Of Ananda Ashram ICYER Pondicherry

Sukha Asana – 00:03
Hala Asana – 01:10
Viparita Karani – 02:22
Nava Asana – 05:06
Trikona Asana – 06:28

Yoga is a gaggle of bodily, psychological, and non secular practices or disciplines which originated in historic India. Yoga means union of the person consciousness or soul with the Common Consciousness or Spirit.

The science of Yoga imbibe itself the entire essence of the Method of Life, together with – Gyan Yoga or philosophy, Bhakti Yoga or path of devotional bliss, Karma Yoga or path of blissful motion, and Raja Yoga or path of thoughts management. Raja Yoga is additional divided into eight elements. On the coronary heart of the Raja Yoga system, balancing and unifying these numerous approaches, is the apply of Yoga Asana.

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