Satan Mario VS Sonic.EXE

Right here we go once more. Energy star vs Sonic.exe
A collision with Newground and Creepypasta. (~~Trollpasta~~)
A battle between “Satan” and “God”
A common finish that outcomes violence and horror.
And the battle that nobody requested for…

Satan Mario from the Energy star sequence.
X from the Sonic.EXE sequence.

(And sure, “Satan Mario” and “X” is what the producer and creator refer them as)
– That is deliberately a remastered of my unique battle: “Energy Star Mario vs Sonic.EXE”. And I would delete the unique one.
– Though I took a little bit of analysis on these two because the final battle. This was nonetheless made for enjoyable. I ain’t claiming any reality for this consequence.
– This was alleged to add tommorow (Halloween). However Since Satan Mario will not be a horror character, I skipped a day.
In case you are confused of seeing these two.

Satan Mario is Tremendous Mario who’s been possesed by a number of Boos and his aim is to achieve each Energy stars within the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario’s objective is to destroy “All creation”. Thus the universe’s destiny lay on Luigi’s shoulder. Who’s making an attempt to forestall Mario and his Military of Boos from the destruction.

X is a few form of black determine from exterior of our dimension. It took it is type from it is idol: Sonic the Hedgehog. X guidelines his personal dimension and his aim is to sometime crossover his and our dimension collectively, so he can flip everybody into his slaves and as their favourite Sonic character. Though he isn’t sturdy sufficient to fuse the worlds but. He makes use of the hardrive: “Sonic.EXE” as a door to our world.
Satan Mario and the Energy Star sequence created by Daniel Solar.
X and the Sonic.EXE video games created by JC the Hyena
Mario customized sprites: Daniel solar.
Sonic’s unique sprites: The Mob.Gen mission group.
Credit score to SheyGrell and MarioSonic2010 for X’s voices clips.
Music so as: “Sybreed – Doomsday Occasion”, “MGR – Soul cannot be minimize” and “Re:cycle – Candy chilly revenge”