5 Easy Yoga Asanas for Higher Digestion | Straightforward Yoga Workout routines f…

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Offered by : Dr.Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani Of Ananda Ashram ICYER Pondicherry

Vajra Asana – 00:09
Sapurna Shashasana – 01:35
Dharmika Asana – 03:12
Ushtra Asana – 04:06
Danda Kriya – 06:18

Yoga asana presents a number of postures that assist cleanse, stimulate, support, and encourage good digestive operate. It is best to not apply yoga proper after a meal, however if you happen to’re feeling any form of bloating, gasoline, or indigestion a number of hours after a meal or the morning after, listed here are 5 yoga postures to enhance digestion.

Yoga is a gaggle of bodily, psychological, and religious practices or disciplines which originated in historical India. Yoga means union of the person consciousness or soul with the Common Consciousness or Spirit.